GbWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2020: Whatsapp Mod App

Gbwhatsapp app is the best WhatsApp mod in the present time. Apart from gbwhatsapp there is fmwhatsapp, WhatsApp available which is working now. If you want to run dual whatsapp in your smartphone than just download main whatsapp from playstore and Gbwhatspp from our website.

Gbwhatsapp has various additional features which WhatsApp hasn’t. So if you are looking for additional privacy and interesting features on your WhatsApp number than Download GBWhatsapp Apk .

So the latest Gbwhatsapp of 2020 is now available to download

GBWhatsapp App Apk

App NameGBWhatsapp
File TypeAPK
Size34.07 MB
Supported DevicesAndroid 4.0+
Last Updated onJan 2020
TelegramJoin Now
GB Whatsapp Features

Gb Wa [GbWhatsapp] All Amazing Features Which Orginal WhatsApp Don’t have

  1. Aeroplane Mode (Disable Messages Whenever You Need)
  2. Status Splitter Added (Split Long Videos to 30 Seconds)
    Ignore Archived Chats
  3. GbWhatsapp Themes Store Speed
  4. See Live Preview of your Changes Aeroplane Mode
  5. (Disable Messages Whenever You Need)
  6. Status Splitter Added (Split Long Videos to 30 Seconds)
  7. Ignore Archived Chats
  8. Special Themes Available in Gbwhatsapp
  9. New Emojis Added: Which not available on Original Whatsapp
  10. Now Hidden Chats Will Not Show in Calls Log
  11. Vibration Feature for Hidden Chats Added
  12. Now Reply Privately in Groups
  13. Re-Enabled Anti-Delete Story/Status Feature
  14. Conrmation Message Added Before Clearing Recent Emojis
  15. Default Lock to Secure Chats
  16. Colorful Contacts Screen
  17. OnePlus Slate Font Added
  18. Send Up To 100 Images at Once on WhatsApp
  19. Your Picture in Conversation Inside/Outside
  20. Your Picture in Groups Inside/Outside
  21. 7 New Icons Gb Whatsapp Themes Store (Change WhatsApp Theme)
  22. Choose Who Can Call You (Call Blocker Feature)
  23. Azerbaijani Language Added
  24. Indonesian Language
  25. Contact Picture Outside Message Bubble
  26. On/Off your Last Seen, Count Unread Messages (GBWa Widget)
  27. New Ticks New Bubbles 31/12/2019 (
  28. Colour Unread Messages/Widget Status
  29. Hide Media From Gallery (Most Loved Feature)
  30. New Call FAB Added in Calls Screen
  31. Change Group Participants Name Colour
  32. Emoji Variant
  33. Switch Between Old and New Emojis
  34. Remove Custom Privacy for Specic Contact (GbMods >> Privacy >> Custom Privacy)
  35. Change Message Counter Text Colour
  36. Disable Vibration in Pattern Lock
  37. Use Triple WhatsApp on the Same Phone
  38. Hide Name for any Contact/Group (Click on Name >> Hide Contact Name)
  39. While Playing Voice Notes, Disable Notications
  40. Show Blue Ticks After Reply
  41. You can Hide Name of Person You Are Chatting with Rescue Mode
  42. Custom Anti-Delete Gradient Colour while Preview
  43. Highlight a Message and Start Typing for Auto-Reply
  44. Unlock Forgotten PIN/Pattern by Setting Up Recovery Question
  45. Coloured Link Preview
  46. Send Live Location
  47. See Storage Usage Per Chat Increase Limit for GIF Videos,
  48. Up To 30 Seconds Copy Story/Status Text Just By Clicking On It
  49. Custom Privacy Feature Disable Call for Any Contact
  50. Change Name and Status Font Style in Home Screen
  51. Change Contact Name
  52. Colour in Home Screen
  53. Custom Hide/View Status
  54. Android O Emojis
  55. Preview Font in Fonts Style
  56. Delete Conversation Media Too While Deleting Chats
  57. Control Conversation Lock in the Contact/Group  Info Section
  58. Page Title Text Colour
  59. Translate to Turkish
  60. Enable/Disable Message Counter on Launcher Icon
  61. Show/Hide Pattern Drawing Path
  62. Send Any Type File from File Manager
  63. Control Maximum Image Resolution Mohanad Font 3
  64. Pin Up To 1000 Chats
  65. Reduced Network Use Swipe From Left To Write  To Exit Conversation
  66. Send Full-Resolution Image, Up To 10 MB (High Quality)
  67. Separate Option Added for Navigation Bar Colour
  68. See Broadcast Icon on Pics in Chat
  69. Save Stories Images & Videos to your Phone
  70. Load Theme From SD Card (XML File)
  71. Change Emoji Header Colour
  72. Round WhatsApp Icon
  73. Disable Heads-Up in Android 7.0+
  74. Change Emoji Picker Background
  75. Colour Set Status Videos Up To 5 Minutes
  76. Set Profile Picture As Chat Screen
  77. Wallpaper Recent Colours Square Photo Corners
  78. Privacy-Only Mode
  79. Change Hyperlinks Colour
  80. Allo Ticks and 3D Bubbles
  81. No Ads (Ads Free MOD)
  82. Block Video Call only
  83. Block Audio Call only

How To Download GBWhatsApp App For Android

   Download GbWhatsapp Apk

  1. First of all, enable the option “Unknown Sources” on your Phone. This setting enables us to install any third-party Android apps. So, we must enable the Unknown Sources option.
  2. To do that, go to Privacy/Security Settings on your Android Mobile and enable it.
  3. Now, you are ready to install any APK. So, let’s get the GBWhatsApp app from below.
  4. Next, uninstall the Whatsapp from your Android device by following the simple steps. Settings -apps- Gbwhatsapp- Uninstall.
  5. Then, Install the Gbwhatsapp APK in your android device which you downloaded before from the above-mentioned link.
  6. After installation, you have to go through with the simple automatic process that enters your mobile number and verify it via the OTP code.
  7. Next, enter your name and number after that you are ready on your go. Thus, enjoy the WhatsApp Plus in your Android device and get connect yourself with the world

Download GBWhatsapp Apk

Now You already know gbwhatsapp features and how to install gbwhatsapp apk in you smartphone so just download Gbwhatsapp app apk from below link. This is direct link so you don’t need go to fake website or redirected any ads to download gbwhatsapp. Just click on below link to install and must follow above guide to successfully install gbwhatsapp app apk.

   Download GbWhatsapp Apk

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